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I am Macnesa and this is
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More About Me.

Hii, I am Macnesa, this my personal web site just for fun and share my works regarding photo editing, website design (UI/UX), video editing and of course my best songs from all around the world.

This web site of course still needs some update, and I'll take care of it as soon as possible. If you have some comments do not hesitate to send me mail by click the button below or at the botom of this page.

Hope you gettin' enjoy around, Bye.

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What I Do.

I do some pictures editing, creating and then beautify them, combine and add some effects on some videos timeline , create a website UI with CSS, pictures, icons or videos. I also make a logical operations on vanilla Javascript, and JQuery. As well as PHP and SQL commands for a WEB UX backend operations on a web activity or to CRUD a database.

  • Branding

    Make users know who is “behind” the item, giving them a sense of confidence as to the credibility of the product or website being promoted.

  • Photography

    Take pictures of beautiful and amazing moments or objects by using focus and accuracy of object coloring.

  • Web Design

    Design a web that is beautiful and also easy to use as well as powerful in terms of capabilities and also strong in database processing.

  • UI/UX Design

    Combines html, css, javascript, jquery, PHP, colors, images and videos in several web pages to create a beautiful web page, easy to use, fast, full of features and is a modern web page.


I've Got Some Skills.

My skills now.

  • 90%
  • 85%
  • 80%
  • 75%
  • 95%
    Photo Editing
  • 90%
    Video Editing


Ability and Education.

Information about applications that are often used to produce digital works and about school or education history.


2021 - Present

Adobe Photoshop CS3, CS6 even CC 2021. Adobe Xd, Visual Studio Code Editor, Notepad++ Editor, XAMPP Apache Server, DaVinci Resolve

Junior Full Stack Developer

By using all the above applications furthermore using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery and PHP while building a complete website application as well as to make design for the UI/UX.

2019 - 2021

Cyberlink Power Director 8, Photoshop CS6, Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate, Cool Edit Pro 2.1, Photoshop CS3.

Image and Video Editor

By using all of the above applications to edit, beautify and combine multiple images and videos to create a new edited video or just to edit and beautify images.

2015 - 2019

Cool Edit Pro 2.1, Photoshop CS3.

Song Editing and Picture Editing

By using all of the above applications to edit or remove hiss in songs and edit or beautify pictures.


May 2019 - May 2022

Madrasah Aliyah Negeri 1 Pekanbaru


MAN 1 Pekanbaru is one of the leading schools in Pekanbaru and the department of religion is a major that is often the choice of students who study here

June 2017 - May 2019

Madrasah Tsanawiyah Negeri 1 Pekanbaru


MTsN 1 (Andalan) is one of the well-known legendary supreme junior high school level in the city.

June 2011 - June 2017

SD Muhammadiyah 3 (Unggulan) Pekanbaru


SD Muhammadiyah 3 (Unggulan) Pekanbaru is one of the favourite private elementary school in the city the fact that the school has an excellent quality of education.

My Pictures

See my pictures gallery below.

This is some of my projects, photo editing/beautify, logo designing and now begin to learn WEB UI design.

Design concept of Borobudur travel website

With neatly arranged typography, great color mood, and lots of white area, visitors could enjoy the wonderful scenery before booking tickets!

Design concept of "Timeline" files management application

Gives us the opportunity to select files based on our "timeline". Also made in Photoshop!

Music Player Application Design Concept

Finished it with the the one and only, Photoshop!

On the Hill

beautiful evening views

New Year In The Castle

Think, then do. Easy as that!

A yellow&black strippped sitting tiger


Colored Family Photo Album

Colorful, more real, of course more beautiful

fixing and coloring photo

From broken black and white photo, to be better and in color

Palace Among The Hills

In the mystical dark night, with the shadows of the lights and the moon

Ad Design Concept

Finished it with the the one and only, Photoshop!


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